College of Business and Hotel Management


College of Business and Hotel Management (CBHM) got the state consent for the status of private college of non-university type according to the 39th, 87th (F) and 105th paragraph, the Act on Higher Education Institutions (considered and amended), 2009.


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International Relations

Erasmus Program


The purpose of the CBHM is to accomplish the mission of non-university type of college that provides its graduate with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for manager positions in the field of hotel and tourism industry.


Accredited bachelor study programs:

Gastronomy, Hotel, Tourism

Study branches:



Study forms: attendance form (daily), combined (distant)


Entrance examinations


The condition to enter theCBHM, bachelor degree, is to graduate from a secondary school with an A level examination. The fact must be substantiated with the appropriate A level document. The graduates from foreign countries have to substantiate the education achieved with the appropriate document including the recognition clause, in conformity with the regulation 12/2005. Not necessary for the students from the Slovak Republic.


A part of the entrance examination is an interview with the candidate including the verification of the fulfillment of the conditions stated, motivational interview, choice of foreign languages, information about study, contracting.


The applications are accepted


The first round before the 28th February

Next rounds before the 30th April

Before the 31st July

Before the 30th September



The CBHM accepts the application continuously according to its limits.

The application is submitted with the standard SEVT blank.

The application might be submitted in an electronic form as well.


In case of an electronic application, it is necessary to substantiate the graduation with the authentic copy of the A level attestation or to bring the original and the school will ensure the authentic copy.


In case the graduate has not finished the secondary school yet, he/she will submit the attestation as soon as possible.


The students from the Slovak Republic may pay the fee in cash while presenting in the entrance interviewing.


The graduate personal data will be disposed in conformity with the valid regulations.


The application has to include the document of the entrance exam administration fee paid (500 CZK). The bank account of the Academy: 35-9382820207/0100. The address of the bank: Brno- venkov, Kobližná 3, 631 32, IBAN: CZ 5301000000359382820207, SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX

Variable code: the birth number of the candidate. Constant code: 0308. Specific code: 55.

The fee might be paid at the treasury of the Academy. If the candidate does not present, the fee is not returned.




The graduate will have achieved the education necessary for positions in the management of hotels, hotel chains and others accommodation units, as well as in different institutions with a special regard to the European Union conditions.




The graduate will have achieved the education necessary for the demanding positions in tourism industry at the highest levels. He/she is able to organize, plan and ensure all the services packages linked to the conditions of tourism globalization.

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